This is what we have heard from fur-parents:

Flash-helps with hip pain-Furmom Mika (goodies)

Lola-Helping with cancer pain and is more playful!-Furmom Dawn (goodies & honey)

Aiden-older and bigger dog getting help with movement and mood-Furmom Laurie

Rusty-helps with itchy paws. Furmom Judy (goodies)

Josey-dealing with arthritis and hip dysplasia. Movement is a lot better and pain is not as bad as before. Furmom-Kat (goodies , honey, fish oil)

Henry-immediate relief from itchy skin due to allergies.  Furmom-Angie (goodies)

Mr. Winston-No more licking!  Furmom-Chelsea (goodies)

Mr. Winston (again)-coat looks really healthy, face is not as brown/reddish around his cheeks and eyes.  His nose is not as raw! Furmom-Chelsea (fish oil)

Remi-the pacing all night has decreased!  More calmness and less anxiety . Furmom-Kristie (goodies)

Zuzu-loves her goodies.  Allergies have decreased! Furmom-Kayla (goodies)

Dexter-Loves the treats and his level of comfort with his arthritis has improved! Furmom-Courtney (goodies)


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