Organic Barky Bites

Baking organic treats for your dog who deserves the best we can give them to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.


Fresh Ingredients

We only use certified organic, non-GMO, wheat-free ingredients, certified humane eggs and free-range products.

Main Treats

Peanut Butter

Vitamins, protein and good fats, also FREE from XYLITOL and Palm Oil!


Good source
of vitamins, minerals
and antioxidants.


Good source of protein with anti-microbial benefits.

Sweet Potato

High in dietary fiber, low fat and rich with vitamins and minerals.


Organic vs. Natural

The USDA regulates organic-labeled ingredients, ensuring our treats are made without nasties to keep your furry friends healthy and happy. Learn more!!

Is there that much
of a difference between Organic and Natural?



Happy Dogs


Satisfied Customers


“I have four dogs. They all loved the Treats. Even my Mother’s picky dog loved them”

Debbie Cox


“Rusty loves the cookies I got this week. Both flavors! It is his new treat since we have him on a diet.”

Judy Rachal


“I am so thankful to be able to offer my patients wholesome treats with ingredients that I can trust.”

Dr. Brandie Cox, DVM



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