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Aqw Juggernaut Items Of Nulgath Bot 16




!!!!!!!!!!I will post the Bot Version of this,(the original)here's a little information,just click the link below,to get it:JUGGYItems.txt Rules:It's simple.DO NOT edit this file,but maybe fix a spelling error.!IMPORTANT!!!!Check the computer and any other bots (if there are any)thats may be on ur comp.before u use this bot.!!!!BuggyItems is for only use on Public Servers.not Private.I have to check for a few things on the server before i post if there are any bugz,or whatever,just tell me.i'll fix it.!!! WHAT'S IN THIS PROGRAM:1.JUGGY BOTS!!!2.Automatic fixz.!!3.CUSTOMIZABLE JUGGY LOCKS!!!!!!4.JUGGY BOT CHANGES!!!5.ASSEMBLY-JUGGY6.CORRECTION!!!7.ALL JUGGY ITEMS!!!8.FIXs!!!9.DELETEME!!10.Downloadable!!!!11.Bugz!!!12.Changes!!! THE ORIGINAL JUGGY ITEMS!!!! ------------------------- JUGGY ITEMS-BOX Can hold 50 items. With a space between each item..! V1.06 BOT CHANGESV1.06-01-16Fixed the M-1000 lock..! V1.05 HOW TO USE BOT!!!!! Go to the bottom of the page.Turn on "On Chat"for the bot.!go to "Change"and go to "Auto Fix"and select "BOT CHANGES"and click on "Apply to Chat".!Go to "Control Panel"and get to "Plugins"and select "BOT ITEMS"and click on "Delete Me".!If you get the message,DELETEME.then close the program.! SOME CUSTOMIZATIONS!!!! Locking You can change the locks.!!Just click on "Lock 1". Then you can change it to,v1.01 1. v1.01 2. v1.01-02-16 2. v1.02-03-




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Aqw Juggernaut Items Of Nulgath Bot 16
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